My name is David Charles, I live in London and I build websites in HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

The last remaining decent picture I have of myself

I have experience working for large agencies as well as with designers on small projects.

I've worked for Philips, over in the Netherlands, and for Woolworths back here in the UK. More recently, I've worked on the Games Workshop and Lego websites for a London-based agency.

As a front end developer, I build pages from designs and I integrate them into the code base. I focus on quality CSS, symantics and accessibility as well as performance.

I'm more CSS and HTML than I am JavaScript but I am currently enjoying working with Vue JS and React as well as Gatbsy and Gridsome.

If you're a designer looking for a developer then I'm keen to hear from you. I can take care of all the technical side of things for a small to medium sized website.


Likewise, if you're a team looking for a UI developer I'd like to help. I have experience with agile development, continual integration, version control - everything involved with managing and deploying a large website.

If you need someone who is more CSS and HTML than JavaScript, who's role is to manage and maintain the CSS, accessibility and build pages from designs then I could be useful and would really love to hear from you.